No Equipment Workout!

Want to squeeze in a workout anywhere?! Don’t have any equipment?! Well the truth is you can get a great workout without equipment!! Here’s what to do:
-Jog on the spot, don’t forget arm swings!
-hamstring curl (bum kick) with row
-jumping jacks
Perform each for 1 min, repeat!

-15 push-ups, less intense=drop to knees, more intense = lift legs on a step or bench
-15 squats, do not let the knees pass the toes!
-12 tricep dips on a bed or step
-10 lunges each leg, more intense=jump lunges
-plank 30sec, alternate lifting each leg
-bridge with 10 hip lifts, more intense=lift one leg while lifting, then switch

Remember to always breathe, and keep your core TIGHT! Repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

Cool down: light walk 5-10 min and stretch. (I’ll be posting a stretching routine in the future!) .

Eat well, exercise often and love always 🙂

*Always check with your doctor that starting a new exercise program is right for you.


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