Easy Gluten Free Crackers

After a week with a brutal cold…I was craving a nice creamy bowl of cheddar cauliflower soup mhmhhh. I wanted to make something to go with the soup instead of a bun or store bought cracker. I came across this recipe for crackers made of almond flour! They are healthy, gluten free and were sooooooo easy! What a great way to end a Sunday afternoon of ice fishing with some warm soup and delicious crackers! I used dried Rosemary and added thyme and garlic salt to mine, you could really add whatever you like. Here is the link to the recipe: Rosemary Almond Flour Crackers

Enjoy! Live well and love always, have a great week!



Muffins that fooled everyone! Double Fudge, need I say more?

Let’s face it- life without chocolate seems impossible! Instead of wasting calories on sugar-laden, artery clogging store bought muffins, try these healthy double chocolate muffins! They are gluten free, use bananas to replace some of the sugar and applesauce instead of oils! My picky, junk food eating boyfriend scarfed one up and said it was great!

Double Fudge Banana Muffin Recipe

I did use the brown sugar, although next time I will try replacing it with honey, sucanat or even try no sweetener! I made myself a batch of these on a Sunday and had an afternoon sweet treat to get me through the week. So get out the muffins tins and live well, and love (chocolate) always!


Muffins Muffins Muffins! Healthy and delicious recipies

Muffins are a great breakfast, quick snack or replacement for dessert…however store bought muffins are full of fat, sugar and other nasty chemicals that I can’t even pronounce! I have heard rumors (although I haven’t investigated myself) that TIm Hortons muffins are just as bad, if not worse, than their donuts!! AHHHH!! Try these easy healthy recipes for pumpkin and banana muffins. All are gluten free, have no added junk, refined sugar or unhealthy oils. I made the pumpkin muffins yesterday and ¬†can’t keep my hands off them! I forgot to add the pecan pieces on top but they still turned out great.




P.S. I use silicone baking Imagemuffin cups. They are AMAZING. No greasing (and adding calories) and no fighting with paper ones getting stuck to your muffin.