Muffins that fooled everyone! Double Fudge, need I say more?

Let’s face it- life without chocolate seems impossible! Instead of wasting calories on sugar-laden, artery clogging store bought muffins, try these healthy double chocolate muffins! They are gluten free, use bananas to replace some of the sugar and applesauce instead of oils! My picky, junk food eating boyfriend scarfed one up and said it was great!

Double Fudge Banana Muffin Recipe

I did use the brown sugar, although next time I will try replacing it with honey, sucanat or even try no sweetener! I made myself a batch of these on a Sunday and had an afternoon sweet treat to get me through the week. So get out the muffins tins and live well, and love (chocolate) always!



Why a Personal Trainer can help anyone succeed!

With the New Year in full swing I have already seen an influx of people in the gyms, and one way to make sure you follow through with your fitness goals in to get a Personal Trainer! Now I am sure you are thinking “It is too expensive, or I don’t need help”… but even fitness professionals can benefit from some time with a trainer! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Motivation! Having an appointment gives you a reason to be at the gym, and having someone there cheering you on will increase your chances of sticking with it!
  2. Injury Prevention: From first time gym-goers to other fitness professionals, having someone there to watch your form and make sure you are doing appropriate exercises for your goals is always helpful!
  3. Get what you want: A trainer will create a personalized program to get you reaching your goals much faster! Whether this is to lose weight, tone up or shave off those few seconds of your race!
  4. Variety: Bored with the machines in your gym? A trainer can introduce you to equipment you may not be confident using, or give you some new moves that you can incorporate into your routine.
  5. Learn: A personal trainer with a recognized certification is a wealth of information- they can probably answer, or find the answer to many of your questions!
  6. Safety: Having someone there to spot you while lifting heavier weights and reminding you of your form and breathing is always a great thing!
  7. Gain a friend: Once you get to know your trainer, it will seem more like working out with a friend!

I do know that personal training can be expensive; however you may only need 2 or 3 sessions to learn about form, exercises, etc. Some gyms may also have group personal training which could be a cheaper option. Finally, if getting a trainer is just not in the budget, try some fitness classes. Classes are a great way to learn exercises techniques and stay motivated! Most instructors won’t mind answering any questions you may have after class- so you can still find out the best way to get those rockin’ arms 😉

So get out there, live well and love always!

The Thigh Gap Disaster

It has come to my attention that having a  gap between your thighs is now considered “sexy” “fit” and “desirable”. Ladies- do not become victim to this awful theory. Let me tell you- I eat extremely healthy, run often, workout very hard and MY THIGHS TOUCH! You need to look at yourself and decide what is attainable for your body in a healthy way. Focus on adding, not taking away, for example- why not try for a 6-pack, toned legs or arms? Here are just a few good reasons and goals to strive for:

-feeling healthy

-feeling strong and able to take on anything

-being able to hold a plank longer than your boyfriend 😉 maybe even more push ups too!

-knowing you are preventing diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes

-being able to experience things in life without feeling winded and tired

-enjoying hikes in the outdoors

-getting that awesome rush of happy hormones after a good sweat!


Choose attainable goals for yourself that do not focus on appearance and do not compare yourself to others! Eat well, get moving often and you will find it easy to love yourself always! ❤

A MUST READ! “10 things I want my daughter to know about working out.”

A MUST READ! “10 things I want my daughter to know about working out.”

Hello all! You must read this blog post. It is an amazing perspective that I will start living by right now! It is easy to get wound up in how our body looks but this often only leads to immense stress and disappointment! Give this a read, you’ll be glad you did! Click on the highlighted title above!

No Equipment Workout!

Want to squeeze in a workout anywhere?! Don’t have any equipment?! Well the truth is you can get a great workout without equipment!! Here’s what to do:
-Jog on the spot, don’t forget arm swings!
-hamstring curl (bum kick) with row
-jumping jacks
Perform each for 1 min, repeat!

-15 push-ups, less intense=drop to knees, more intense = lift legs on a step or bench
-15 squats, do not let the knees pass the toes!
-12 tricep dips on a bed or step
-10 lunges each leg, more intense=jump lunges
-plank 30sec, alternate lifting each leg
-bridge with 10 hip lifts, more intense=lift one leg while lifting, then switch

Remember to always breathe, and keep your core TIGHT! Repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

Cool down: light walk 5-10 min and stretch. (I’ll be posting a stretching routine in the future!) .

Eat well, exercise often and love always 🙂

*Always check with your doctor that starting a new exercise program is right for you.