Healthy and Easy No Bake Granola Bars

I must apologize for my lack of posts lately, I have a new job and have really had to adjust to my lack of free time ( ahhhh adult life…)! Something that is always a great idea when you are super busy during the week is to prepare your food ahead of time. I take a few hours on the weekend to wash, cut and prepare fruit and veggies, make lunches and homemade muffins or granola bars. This way I am less likely to go towards store bought junk and other treats when I have an arsenal of healthy food on hand! Here is a easy, no bake granola bar recipe that is gluten free, soy and dairy free, vegan and free from added sugar.


1/2 cup of large flake oats
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 roughly chopped almonds
1/2 cup roughly chopped cashews
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup ground flaxseeds
1/4 cup chia seeds (or add more flax)
Dash of salt
1tsp of vanilla
1/3 cup of melted coconut oil + 1 tbsp
1/2 cup warm honey

1) mix all ingredients together
2) pour into an 8″x8″ dish and pack down with hands
3) store in the fridge to keep them hard
4) enjoy!