Pre-workout Snacks

Happy Sunday! I often get asked by my clients what they should eat before a workout, so I thought I’d write a Sunday post with some pre workout snacks to start your week off right! The key is not to eat something heavy… That fast food meal will make you feel heavy, sluggish and energy deprived, not to mention counteract your healthy lifestyle! You want a light snack with a bit of natural sugar to give you energy, a small amount of protein or fat to keep you satisfied and water to hydrate. Eating an hour to a half hour before your workout should be enough time to get the benefits you want. Here are some suggestions:

-Apple slices with nut butter
– veggies and 2 tbsp hummus
– handful of trail mix
– 2 Wasa crackers with nut butter
-2 Wasa crackers with cottage cheese and salsa
– handful of grapes and a light babybell cheese
-berries and 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt
-homemade healthy muffin or granola bar
-Larabar, KINDBar, Simply Bar
-rice cakes with nut butter and banana
-Guacamole and Pita Crisps
Energy Bites click to see recipe

Water should be consumed before, during and after your workout. I wouldn’t bother with sport drinks…the average person doesn’t need the added sugar and can get the electrolytes from healthy food choices. After a good sweat session, get yourself a lean protein meal, still avoiding that takeout! Chicken, fish, lean pork or beef with TONS of veggies are great choices post-workout.

If you find you have some tummy troubles during your workout, this may be caused by too much fibre. Try eating your snack earlier or avoiding high fibre options like the Wasa crackers. You could replace these with rice crackers, banana, or toast.
So add some great pre-workout snacks to your weekly meal plan and you will find you have more energy to lift just a bit heavier, or run just a bit further! The only person you should be comparing yourself against is who you were yesterday, so always do YOUR best. Have a great week, live well, love always and healthy snacking!