The Thigh Gap Disaster

It has come to my attention that having a  gap between your thighs is now considered “sexy” “fit” and “desirable”. Ladies- do not become victim to this awful theory. Let me tell you- I eat extremely healthy, run often, workout very hard and MY THIGHS TOUCH! You need to look at yourself and decide what is attainable for your body in a healthy way. Focus on adding, not taking away, for example- why not try for a 6-pack, toned legs or arms? Here are just a few good reasons and goals to strive for:

-feeling healthy

-feeling strong and able to take on anything

-being able to hold a plank longer than your boyfriend 😉 maybe even more push ups too!

-knowing you are preventing diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes

-being able to experience things in life without feeling winded and tired

-enjoying hikes in the outdoors

-getting that awesome rush of happy hormones after a good sweat!


Choose attainable goals for yourself that do not focus on appearance and do not compare yourself to others! Eat well, get moving often and you will find it easy to love yourself always! ❤