Thinking of Trying a Juice Cleanse? Think again…

I am constantly hearing about fitness fads and am asked by clients what’s good or bad. Well, a juice only cleanse is one of the bad ones, as most weight loss health fads tend to be. A recent article I read in States News Service, 2013 interviewed 2 dietetic interns from Vanderbilt University. The article outlined that because of the extreme calorie deficit, people on juice cleanses feel extremely fatigued, they are missing key nutrients as well as calcium and protein. A juicier will remove all the fibre rich skins from the fruit and vegetables, which keeps you fuller longer and supports a healthy digestive system. An article in the New York Times by Judith Newman, 2010, gives a detailed report on her experience trying a juice cleanse as well as some facts from Dr. David Colbert, the New York internist, dermatologist and author of ”The High School Reunion Diet”. Apparently, a juice only cleanse will spike your blood sugar, but shortly after it will drop substantially. This can create diabetic like symptoms and mess with your metabolism, making your body believe it’s starving and slow down your system.

My personal opinion is that starving your body is never a good idea. We need a lot of components in out diet to function effectively and remain healthy. We need protein for muscle and tissue growth, calcium for healthy bones and optimal functioning and lots of fibre to not only keep us full, but keep our intestinal systems running well! Starving the body from regular food could lead to binge eating, weight gain as well as a miserable mood… and who wants that!?

Here’s my recommendation: try a clean eating cleanse, sugar free week or no alcohol weekend….maybe all of the above, depending on your willpower!? This means cutting out all processed, unhealthy foods and consuming only fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, unsweetened dairy and lean meats and (unsalted) nuts! There’s no need for something as extreme as a juice only cleanse to replace food, but if you do enjoy a nice fresh beet root, carrot or spinach juice drink, there’s nothing wrong with adding one every so often! Check out this article in Women’s Health that describes your body on a juice cleanse:

Be sure to always check with your doctor before starting any new diet program!

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“THINKING OF TRYING A JUICE CLEANSE?” States News Service 23 Aug. 2013. Academic OneFile. Web. 11 Mar. 2014.


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