New Years Resolutions- Be SMART this year!

Happy New Year to all! I personally had an amazing 2013 and am looking forward to 2014. Working in the health and fitness industry, I see many people hit January running full force with their resolution and then often fade out by March. This does not have to be the case! Choosing a resolution that follows the SMART guide has a much better chance of lasting throughout the year and maybe even an entire lifetime! Here is how to plan your goals the “SMART” way!

Specific: instead of saying “losing weight”, use “losing 2lbs per week until …” Or instead of “eat healthier”, try “eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables every day”. This takes your resolution from a vague idea to a concrete plan.

Measurable: Having a measurable goal gives you something to work for! For example: attending the gym at least 4 times per week, lifting 2lbs heavier weights each workout or losing 2lbs per week. Seeing the achievement of your goal through numbers gives you positive feedback.

Attainable: Be reasonable with yourself- if you really don’t think you can attend the gym EVERY single day or lose 30lbs in a month then you are setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself small goals that you KNOW you can do!

Realistic: This falls in line with the “Attainable” section. You need to look at your lifestyle and plan accordingly. This does not mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself- reaching goals is not often easy, but you need to find something that is within your reach!

Timely: Give yourself a time line so that you have something to work towards. For example, losing 2lbs per week for 12 weeks. Or not drinking alcohol for 1 month. When you reach this date you will have something to feel proud of! You can then extend your goals to a further date or challenge yourself with an additional goal.

Good luck with your resolutions, I wish all of you the best for 2014! Whatever happens, live well love always!


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