The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

I came across this amazing ecard the other day and had a good laugh! Although it was good for a laugh (a.k.a a quick core workout!) it rings true on many levels! Diabetes, heart disease and obesity can be prevented in most people when a healthy active lifestyle is followed. Although you do not necessarily need to run, a brisk walk, bike ride, aerobics class at the gym, hike though the woods or my latest obsession, cross country ski should do the trick! Simply getting your heart rate up and a sweat on for at least 30 min a day will decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and has even been shown to help manage mild depression! There really is no need for fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships, all you need is a good pair of shoes and some motivation to be healthy and live longer. Especially with the holiday season (and all that eating…) coming up, it is even more important to get moving. So find something you love, and even better someone you love to do it with and get healthy!


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