Sunday Workout: Toned Arms…and a treat for after!!

Sundays aren’t just for lazing around…don’t get me wrong I slept in, watched a movie and rested BUT I enjoyed having lots of free time for a workout. This is a workout for strong, toned arms, using only weights/kettle bell and a theraband. I also had some time for baking! I can never get sick of pumpkin treats…pumpkin is actually very good for you! These bright orange halloween decorations have lots of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and a bit of protein. This link will take you to Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog, she lists a ton of yummy, healthier pumpkin treats. I have made the pumpkin pie muffins and pumpkin snack bars…both were delicious!! I used Sucanat (dried, organic cane sugar) and applesauce (unsweetened of course!) and they turned out amazing. So start your week off right, eat well and keep moving! You will love yourself for it!

Warm Up: Skipping or brisk walk or jog, 5-10 minutes.

Exercise Reps Description Variations
Squat Shoulder Press 15 Using weights (something you are able to lift), squat with the weights hanging by your sides, on the extension press arms overhead.  Maintain tight core throughout. Increase weight for increased intensity.
Row Kickback 10 each Using weight or kettle bell, lean onto a chair, spine should be neutral. Lift elbow up to side then extend straight behind. Increase weight for increased intensity.
Push-Up Plank 5-10 In a plank position, arms fully extended and on hands, lower body with control onto forearms, one arm at a time. Reverse, pressing onto hands. Put knees down on a mat for less intense, pull feet on a stability ball or BOSU for more intensity.
Lunge-Bicep Curl 10 each side Using weights or kettle bell. Step forward first, then as lowering into lunge, curl arms up. Return to standing as arms lower. If coordination of the move is difficult, perform full curl and then lunge separately.
Bent-Over Arm Extension 12 each Using desired theraband, bend torso forward ~45°. With one side of theraband under the foot, other end in hand, lift arm to the side fully extended. Could use weights instead of theraband.
External/Internal Rotation 15 each Tie theraband to a solid structure at about shoulder height. With theraband in hand, step away from the tied end, pulling elbow into side and elbow bent to 90°. Pull hand away from the side and back in. Could use weights instead of theraband. Facing the same direction, switch arms for internal rotation.

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