Workout of the day- TRX circuit (non-TRX variations included)

I LOVE my TRX! You can work pretty well every muscle group, anywhere with a solid door or structure to hang it on, anytime! It is expensive however (about $200…) but I justified it because I will not be needing a gym membership. For those of you who do not have a TRX, I included a variation exercise. If the exercise description does not make sense to you, be sure to comment or try Youtube… it is difficult to get across without an actual demo. Remember…It is not about having time to work out- it’s about making time for you, your health and your happiness! Here’s an inspiration to get you going:Image

Exercise Reps Description Variation
Single Leg Squat 12 each leg 1 leg extended out in front, come down into squat while holding TRX straps, arms extended Could do without equipment or with weights in each hand.
Clutch Curl 20 Leaning back on TRX straps, arms straight, then cross arms in front of body Could do with weights, or other shoulder drill such as lateral lifts
Resisted Torso Rotation 10 each side Leaning to the side, both TRX straps are held into chest, then extend out in front without rotation Could use a cable machine or theraband to hold arms extended out, weight pulling laterally
Cycle Jump 10 each leg Power jump lunges, always landing with knee behind toes TRX not needed
Stiff-legged Deadlift 12 With kettlebells, bend at hips, return to standing using gluts and hamstrings Barbell could be used as well
Chest Press 12 Push-ups on TRX- come forward or backward depending on intensity level Could do regular chest press with weights or push-ups
Side Plank 30 sec each side Feet in TRX straps, on hand or forearm. Regular side plank or feet on a BOSU/stability ball
Low Row 15 Leaning back on TRX straps, arms straight, pull arms into hips, keeping elbows into sides. Could perform bent-over row with weights or low row with theraband
Skipping 100 jumps or 1 min Rope not needed-could do with “imaginary rope”

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