Workout of the day!

Workout of the day!

With a set up like this, how could you not want to workout??!! Today I decided to do a HIIT circuit workout. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has been shown to burn more fat and increase your cardiovascular abilities. It doesn’t take much time so it is a great way to get your calorie burn on! Here is the circuit I completed 3 times with a 2 min break between sets. Each exercise was done for 1 min:
1) Skipping (I purchased a $4 rope from Winners, works great!)
2)Tricep Dips
3)Squat Jumps
4)Side Plank (30s a side)
5)Pushups (yes it is okay to do the “girlie ones”!!)
6)Step Ups (I ran up and down stairs)

The whole point of this is to GO HARD for 1 whole minute, so giver’!

** Remember that a good 10 minute warm up is necessary! I did a light jog down the road and back. Cool down by walking for at least 10 min.


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